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The duo returns for the 6th episode of the FSC. In this episode they start with a discussion about the recent influx of bike tech at CES. From there they discuss their presentation and time spent at last week's Portland PMBA (Professional Bike Mechanic Association) summit. Finally, they discuss their upcoming Inaugural Warehouse Sale.
The duo returns after a week off for the holidays. In the 5th episode they discuss the past year at Ruckus Composites: the highs and lows, the cheers and jeers, what it’s like to move an entire shop in two days, the challenges of growth and ultimately their favorite repairs of the year.
The duo returns for the 4th episode of the "Fiber Side Chats"; in this episode, they discuss the Spark Wheelworks / Alto Cycling carbon rim brake failure test at length. The test had some interesting points and certainly started an industry-wide conversation, and there's no one better to break it down than us. The duo also introduces a new segment called "over/under"; and as always, the #carbonqueries rounds out the episode.
The duo returns for the third episode of the "FSC"; while not much happened in the world of cycling last week, Oregon has some excellent high school MTB race news. This week's main topic is the Ruckus used bike buyers guide; tips, tricks, hacks and when to walk away from a used bike. As always, the #carbonqueries rounds out the episode.
The "Fiber Side Chats" Episode 2 brings two new segments: "This Week in Cycling" where Shawn and Dan cover all things tech/industry related, and "This Week in Repair" where the duo discusses their favorite carbon repairs currently at Ruckus. In addition, the duo discusses this week's main topic: Trainer Troubles. As always, the #carbonqueries Q/A rounds out the episode.
Nine years ago the face of the cycling industry changed forever with the establishment of Ruckus Composites, the nation's leading carbon fiber repair and inspection facility. This episode talks about the early days of Ruckus, how the repair process has changed and the challenges of starting a repair business. Your hosts Shawn and Dan take you for a journey down memory lane in this first episode of the weekly series.

Have a broken bike? Here's where you start the repair process.

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