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We have invested in NDT (non-destructive testing) in order to provide the most detailed information surrounding repair. We use ultrasound, thermal imaging and fluorescent penetrant dye to gain an entire perspective of the damage. As our sample populations grow, so does our understanding of why carbon can fail and how to prevent it.


For eight years our engineering, structural and art departments continually redefine and perfect the repair process for any carbon fiber structure. Coupled with our second-to-none customer service team, we provide the quickest and friendliest service experience in the industry. We are able to create custom parts and even replace broken dropouts.


We have a "solve-it-all" engineering approach when it comes to design and fabrication and we have the ability to do what many repair shops can't. We create custom parts, molds or small production runs with our 3D printing expertise and our ability to CNC carbon fiber. We also send hot dogs into space, so if you can dream it we can do it.

Have a broken bike? Here's where you start the repair process.

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