Ruckus Composites
bike frames remade in the USA

ReMade in the USA

Broken used to mean garbage, but we take a new approach to this. We take immense pride in our ability to fully and safely repair a bike and return it to service. Our aim is to continuously refine and develop new composite repair technologies to further the outdoor industry and leave the world better off than when we started.

Meet The Crew

We are engineers, innovators, artists, problem solvers, scientists and cyclists.


Shawn is our owner/operator and lead engineer, truly the brains behind the operation. He started Ruckus Composites eight years ago with the desire to shake up the bike industry and to keep “broken” carbon fiber frames out of landfills. He’s helping revolutionize carbon fiber repair and has spread the good word of repair far and wide. His intimate working knowledge of composites and material sciences as well as an immense dedication the the application of craft within an extremely high-tech industry is nothing short of amazing. You can always find him tinkering on some kind of zany project when he’s not working...or at work.


Nick is our master painter and restoration technician, and it is not an understatement to call him one of the best painters in the industry. Simply watching him paint-match colors is an art in itself. He also fervently produces decals with incredible accuracy, often times having to completely recreate them from scratch. He’s undoubtedly one of the most talented craftspeople in PDX.


Dan is our marketing mad scientist and director. He writes and photographs all internal and external content from press releases to social media. He’s in charge of documenting process and procedural changes as well as the day-to-day happenings around the shop. It is his main goal to tell the continuing mission of Ruckus Composites in an insightful, creative and engaging manner.


Joel is our structural repair and layup technician. He’s a perfect fit at Ruckus, having worked as a rope access technician performing ultrasound inspections to ensure the safety of bridges and dams. He’s been able to transfer those skills to carbon fiber repair, using ultrasound to perform damage inspections as well as completing most of the repairs that come through the door. He's also level II certified for ultrasound scanning. He has a great attitude and really enjoys thinking inside the box.


Laura is our technical and customer service specialist. She comes to Ruckus after a long stint working with a range of customers and bikes in her hometown of NYC at Pedal Pusher Bike Shop and Western Bikeworks here in Portland. We're excited to have her in charge of our service department, with a deeply knowledgeable and extensive background. Her passion for cycling takes root in promoting safe streets advocacy and diversity for female-identifying people within the industry and beyond. She is thrilled to be exposed to yet another facet of the cycling industry after being deeply involved for many years.


Kate is our Acquisition and Sales specialist. She comes to Ruckus with a twelve-year background in marketing and business development with a local architecture firm. Most recently, she served as the communications director for The Street Trust (formerly the BTA). We're ecstatic about her professionalism and communications skills, and she is thrilled to return to the heart of what she enjoyed the most about her career path—helping others do their best in an inspiring environment...and, bikes.


Cesar is our general shophand, finishing prep technician, problem solver, and resident philosopher. A Colombian native from Cali, he's been living in the US for a little longer than 22 years and has a wealth of work experience and stories to tell. He's the one who guarantees your repairs look as smooth and original as possible, inspecting each frame for uniformity. It's tough and tedious work, and he's the perfect person for the job. He's also a Pastafarian minister, so let us know if you are looking to get hitched.


Sam is our Graphic Design Intern for the summer of 2017. She's native to Portland and currently enrolled at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Until the lottery pays off, she'll be pursuing a career in design. She likes long walks on the beach, drawing cool things, and making dreams come true. We're thrilled to have her contributing to the Ruckus brand this summer.

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