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How much does a typical repair cost?

It is much cheaper than a new bike or crash replacement; we have a pricing sheet for reference but it can fluctuate up and down from there, depending on a few different things like damage extent, paint, and decals etc.

How long does a typical repair take?

Once we get your bike, the average turn around time is around is 10 business days for full carbon repair and repaint/decal. If you must get your bike back sooner we can discuss our rush pricing, but we never want to rush the process.

Is a repaired frame as strong?

In most cases actually stronger. We engineer our repairs to make sure that the same problem doesn't happen again. you will not notice any weight issues or notice parts being more compliant or stiff than the other.

Will it look the same?

From the addition of new carbon you might catch a small rise where the damaged occurred. With that being said we take the extra steps to make sure that it is a unnoticeable as possible. We can carbon match almost any bike out there and if you have a bike with a very unique weave we can track it down and get it to match. Also we have a large array of paints to help match the original color or the frame.

I cannot tell if it is just paint damage or if it goes into the carbon fiber, any quick inspections I can do at home?

If you think it is unsafe than don't ride it. With that being said, a couple of quick inspection techniques are first, run a cloth lightly over the top of the cracked surface, if the carbon area is damaged any small cracks will pull threads out of the cloth. Another test that you can use is acoustic feedback, tap the tube around the damaged area with a small hammer, the sound should be consistent throughout the entire tube, if it gets lower and sounds "dead" it has some damage.

What needs to be stripped off of the bike?

Ultimately the easiest way for us to work on a bike is to have it completely stripped. If you are local we do take bikes that are not completely stripped down but most of the time we will than just strip down the bike ourselves to get at the damaged area easier, and to keep your shiny components clean. Also if you have your bike stripped shipping is cheaper.


In a perfect world you would bring it to your local friendly bike shop and they would tear it down and pack it for you and ship it to us. I know that it isn't a perfect world but I would still suggest taking it to your LBS and asking them for a frame box, packing it up and sending it our way. It is also appreciated to have the shipping info emailed to us so we know when to expect frames.

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